They find parallels between the decline of the Assyrian Empire and between Syria and Iraq today

They find parallels between the decline of the Assyrian Empire and between Syria and Iraq today

Due to the large increase in population, socio-political, commercial and economic instability as well as drought, researchers have found a new hypothesis about how one of the most powerful empires of antiquity, the Assyrian Empire, could gradually decline. It has been determined that there are different and striking parallels between its decline and between Syria and Iraq today.

Some of those in charge of this study have been Selim Adali, belonging to the Research Center of Anatolian Civilizations, in Turkey and Adam Schneider, from the University of California-San Diego; study that has been published in the journal Climate Change. This study has been based on three main pillars, which are: archaeological, historical and paleoclimatic evidence.

As history reveals, Back in the 9th century BC, the Assyrian Empire began to grow exponentially and as a result it underwent an enormous transformation, becoming the largest empire of its kind in the Near East to date.

One of the big questions was why this fall of the Assyrians originated in the late 7th century. Some scholars have attributed it to wars, others to drought, political and economic instability or to the destruction of the capital of the Empire, Nineveh, by the Babylonians around 612 BC.

Both researchers have found such important similarities between the fall of the Assyrians and the current situation that is being experienced in the area, which we could almost call parallels due to the large number of things that are happening.

They emphasize that the beginning of the great drought that the area experienced as well as serious civil unrest, accelerated the process of disappearance of the Assyrians, something similar to what is happening today in this area so badly affected by war and extremist religious fanaticism.

Extrapolating it to other places, the researchers say that modern society should take very good note of what happened to the Assyrians, who gave the highest priority to political-economic issues and in supporting short-term policies instead of those that they support you in the long run.

The only thing that would save the reputation of the Assyrians today is that both his technological capacity and his level of understanding made it very unlikely that he could be compared to a civilization like those that exist today, taking Syria and Iraq as an example.

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